A New Blog, eh?

A new blog is a new beginning. A chance to start over, fresh. I happen to think this is a good thing. I enjoy writing, and I like new beginnings.
But with new blogs and new beginnings come choices. One has to determine the direction of the blog. Is this blog personal? Is this blog critical? Is this blog funny? What is the goal with this ‘new’ space?
It is my hope that while my blog may end up all over the board, as is my life, that it will be welcoming. That people will read it and say, “Yes, I know that feeling/thought/situation!”
Outside of that, I am unsure about what I want the contents to be. Political? Personal? Ehh, so many choices!!
Having a blog, a very public blog as I’d like this to become, will be a challenge for me. There are those that would like to see me hurt, and would like to use my own words against me. I have things I’d like to share with the world, I just have to be careful not to make a sword and hand it to someone with my words.
In the end, I will post to this blog, hopefully daily, probably not. I will post what I want, I will share my feelings, and I will not apologize for them, they are mine.
I look forward to this new beginning.