I said a few weeks ago that I’d be writing about choice as my next piece. Then, I got sick. So very, very sick. But, it did not leave my mind and I’ve been stewing about it for the entire time. Thinking about what I would say, about why its so important to me. I think it should be important to every woman. Wish in one hand, right?

So, let me start what by explaining what I mean about choice.

Choice is a woman’s right to CHOOSE what to do with a pregnancy. Abortion, Adoption, Keeping it. Now, most people don’t have an issue when talking about the latter 2 choices, adoption and keeping the baby. The issue comes with abortion. The problem, in my mind, is that people are generally assumptive and ignorant about the facts regarding abortion. Most ‘Pro-Lifers’ think that EVERY abortion is the same- The murder of an unwanted baby. This is far from the truth, but rather than do the research to verify anything they claim, they harass, they hurt, they’ve killed and call it ‘Pro-Life’.
They are not ‘Pro-Life’. I will not give them the satisfaction of calling them that. There have been assassinations and bombings of women’s clinics, which resulted in the deaths and injuries to people. This is not a ‘Pro-life’ action. They’re usually for the death penalty, and yell for the deaths of millions of Muslims and immigrants. This is not ‘Pro-life’. They are against public services, like healthcare, food and cash assistance, education for the poor. This is not ‘Pro-life’. No, they are not ‘Pro-life’, they are Pro Birth and that’s how I will call them. They care only about the birth of a baby, not the care of said baby. They do not care about the manner of the baby born. If the mother is a baby herself, if the mother was raped or the baby is a product of incest. They do not care if the baby is wanted. They do not even care if the pregnancy is viable. They demand that every baby be born.
Now, I imagine one is curious why I am talking about choice. Didn’t Roe V. Wade guarantee a woman’s right to abortion?
Well… Yea..but no. In many states, over the last few years, there has been much legislation passed to restrict a woman’s right and access to safe abortions. From making a woman endure vaginal ultrasounds, to counseling, to strict and almost impossible ‘standards’ for a practice to perform abortions. It is only February of 2015 and already there are 18 congressional bills regarding abortion. 18, on a federal level, to restrict a woman’s right to choice.
They’re basically saying that a woman has no right to decide what happens to her body. In the case of rape, she’d have to prove it. In the case of incest, she’d have to prove it. There’s a bill on the table that would force a woman to ask the ‘father’ to agree to the abortion before she could have it. Seriously? What if the father was her rapist? What if the father was her father? What if the father is abusive? This is just another tool to control her. Who’s to guarantee that the father will care for his child after the birth? So, she has to ask permission, carry this child to term and have no guarantee that the father will support his child? And then what about the reverse? What if she wants the baby, does a father then have the right to force an abortion? This bill is a slap in the face to any intelligent woman. And low for even Pro-birthers.

On a personal note, after much searching and research, the idea of blocking a woman’s right to choose is so horrible. It shouldn’t be allowed. First, on the basis that what happens medically to anyone is private. Why is abortion different? This isn’t a public health issue. One woman getting a SAFE abortion doesn’t cause a case of miscarriages across the county. Its only a public health issue when safe abortions aren’t accessible and women resort to dangerous and deadly ways to complete the act. Back alley, wire hangers, boiling water and a baster.
Second, its not anyone’s business. Why does the government and the public have a say so in what happens in a woman’s vagina? A vagina is not a public place. Its not public property. Its usually shamed by the same people that wanna regulate it. It just doesn’t make sense. And before anyone throws out “but Jesus”…Abortion is discussed in the bible. In Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28, God causes the abortion of a baby. God also considers babies people after 1month old. So, yeah. That can be shoved right back where it came from, the delusions of the self righteous.
Third, what kind of horror is it to make a woman who’s been raped, a little girl who is pregnant by a family member, have the baby resulted from said horrible act? What kind of person insists an 8 year old carry her father’s baby to term? I can’t even imagine the sick mind that comes up with this.
Fourth, and lastly, abortion for mercy. This is the second biggest reason I’m for choice. I’ve had 12 miscarriages. Luckily, they were early and I was able to do them naturally. But its not always the case. Some women find out at 22 weeks that their baby has no heartbeat. They then need to have a second trimester abortion. The bulk of 2nd term abortions come from medical necessity and mercy. From about 16- 22 weeks, there are many tests done on the fetus. This is a huge learning time in a pregnancy. You find out sex…and possible disabilities and issues. Or you find out for certain. Babies with no brain. Babies with no heart. Babies with disabilities so bad that they would die within the first day of life and that day would be spent in agonizing pain that you can do nothing about. Babies with no chance of quality of life. Babies that are already dead. These bills would force these women to carry their dead fetuses, their condemned fetuses to birth and force them to suffer as the babies suffer. Its cruel. These bills are cruel.

I’m not asking for anyone to change their PERSONAL view. If YOU wouldn’t PERSONALLY get an abortion, that’s fine. But think about my daughter. Think about your daughter! What if the horrible happens to her and she is raped and it results in a pregnancy? What if she finds out at 17 weeks her baby would not survive birth? You would make her suffer? Just because YOU wouldn’t get an abortion, doesn’t mean that you should have the right to stop someone else, judge someone else. You do not know their situation. And you’re more than likely not willing to help.

I’ve heard more than once “I’m pro-life, don’t get abortions! There’s help for you!” and then when the baby is born and that mom asks for help, “You should have kept your legs closed. Your baby is your problem, not the worlds.” from the same mouth that condemned her for thinking about getting an abortion.

This isn’t hard. Just live your life and mind your own business. But as long as pro-birthers are fighting to restrict a woman’s right to choice, I will continue to fight, to speak, to rally. Because my daughter deserves it. Because all of our daughter’s deserve it. I stand with those that fought before, and those that will fight in the future.


Opinions are like assholes..more on Vaccines

Vaccines and Personal Choice

So, this is a follow up to my post about vaccinating ones children. This isn’t rocket science, this is something that needs to happen.

Since then I’ve come across some very (stupid) arguments that I feel like I need to address. Well, okay, I don’t –need- to, but I want to and I’m going to!
The first is that to vaccinate is an ‘opinion’. That’s right. Science is an opinion. This, to me, is as stupid as ‘Climate change being real is a matter of opinion’. Or, ‘Viruses can be treated with antibiotics.’

No. Just. No.

Opinion: noun
opin•ion \ə-ˈpin-yən\
: a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they’re shitty, more often than not.

Climate change and vaccines are SCIENCE. Say it with me “Science”! They are as proven and obvious as the sun rising, or the changing of the tide. They are, whether you like it or not.

The difference between science and opinion is in the proof. When something is proven scientifically, it is proven with studies, experiments, and repeated. An opinion is a feeling. Something someone has when they think they know about something.

Things its okay to have opinions about:
Feeling things.

Things opinions don’t matter to:

Science has proven that vaccines work. I’ve done an entire post about that. You should read it. Opinions have made it so diseases that once were controlled have now returned in force. Because Porn stars are greater than Doctors.

That being said, its morphed into “My body, My children, My choice” and the argument that vaccines are like abortions.

Um. No.

First of all, the ability to have an abortion, or actually having an abortion, isn’t a community issue. Pretty sure that if, say, I was to have an abortion, my entire neighborhood isn’t going to have one, too. They’re not going to the clinic; they’re not making this decision. They’re not bleeding or cramping afterward. They –MAY- have an opinion about it(like assholes) but really, it doesn’t really affect them.

Vaccines, however, are a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE! Say I weren’t to vaccinate. Okay. “My kids, my choice!” So, I didn’t vaccinate and I take my kids to a public park. Someone in the park has been exposed to measles. Now, my kid has been exposed to measles. Now, I take my kid home. To my neighborhood. My kid goes next door to play with the neighbor’s kid. Neighbors kid had vaccines, but has a weak immune system so kid is now infected, too. Also, the areas my kid has been in, infected. The areas that the kid that originated the virus has been in, infected. So, now these kids are infecting left and right because they don’t know they’re sick, measles has a 7-12 day incubation period. For 7 days, these kids move around infecting stores, schools, parks, libraries, homes, hospitals, airports…Kids with cancer get it, adults with cancer get it. It goes on and on and on.

Your right to choice only applies when your choice doesn’t interfere, harm or otherwise impact someone else’s life. In the case of vaccines, the choice not to vaccinate harms entire communities.
And no, you don’t have the right to endanger anyone else behind your OPINION.

So. If you don’t want to vaccinate (because you’re a selfish, inconsiderate moron), then keep you and your family out of the public. No McDonalds, Parks, Libraries, Stores, School. Stay the fuck home.

Vaccinate Your Children

There is currently a lot going around about the measles outbreak starting in Disneyland. So far, in January of 2015, there are 102 confirmed cases of measles in 14 states. Over 90 of them have been linked back to the park. A number of those cases are infants. This number does not include the list of infants, immune-compromised and elderly asked to quarantine because they have been exposed to the disease.

Last year the US saw 644 cases out of 47 states.

In 2013, 159 cases.

In 2000, the CDC considered measles eliminated in the United States. By eliminated they mean that there was a break in continuous transmission of the virus.
Measles is still prevalent in much of the world. Most outbreaks, except this newest one, come from other countries. In 2011, France, in 2014, the Philippines. The issue is the virulence of the virus. It is extremely contagious, and lives 2 hours in the air after an infected person has passed through. This means that a person at the airport could have the virus, and anyone passing within an area he sneezed, coughed or even spit in, is at risk.

In the 2013 outbreak, 77% of the cases were eligible for vaccination, but were on record as being against Parental Belief.

In California alone, 10% of kindergarteners start without being vaccinated. 2.5% of those are PBE(Parental Belief Exempt). These people are found in wealthy, white areas and tend to flock together. Stupid is as stupid does – personal opinion, I know, and I’ll get to that. But, anyway. These kinds of numbers are reflected across the country. Wealthy, Upper middle class and middle class white families opting out of vaccines. I know that Fox News likes to claim that these diseases are spread by immigrants. The truth is, these diseases find footholds in middle class neighborhoods, where white families are refusing to vaccinate, or vaccinating on staggered schedule. White People!

Why? Their reasons are as stupid as they are. Jenny McCarthy said they cause autism! A doctor Wakefield in 1998 released a (fraudulent) study that the MMR vaccine and Autism were linked! Google said so! OH BIG PHARMA IS JUST AFTER POISONING OUR CHILDREN AND MAKING MONEY!

Let me start at the obvious few things. Google, while a wonderful tool that allowed me to compromise this Blog tonight, does not a doctor make anyone. Jenny McCarthy isn’t a doctor, either. She’s a former porn star. Not MD. Not PHD. Porn star. People have doctors. Pediatricians who say “Vaccinate, its okay!” but they refuse to listen to them. Because Google>Doctor…(Stupid)

Big Pharma and the money making machine? No. The vaccines that our children receive are pretty cheap. According to the CDC website(which is a wonderful source of information, put together by actual doctors and scientists) the private sector price of the MMR vaccine is about $60.00 for 10 doses. That is $6.00 a dose, for those who have a hard time with math. Pretty sure that ‘big pharma’ isn’t getting rich off of our children. Gleevec, a drug to treat various forms of cancer in adults, runs about $14,000.00 for a 30 day supply. Hmm…

The poison? Thermisol is everyones big fear. In 2001, the FDA mandated that Thermisol be removed or reduced in every vaccine mandated for children under 6, except the flu vaccine…which I’m not talking about here. Though people are awfully stupid about it, too.

And finally, the Doctor. Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He claimed a link between Autism and the MMR vaccine in 1998. Since then, he has been proven to have falsified his findings, often lying outright. His paper has been retracted, and his studies properly re-done. And he’s been held legally and financially responsible. He lied, folks.


Though, I get why people think there might be. Kids with Autism tend to start showing signs right around 12 months old. Around the time they get their first dose of MMR. A terrible coincidence, but a coincidence none the less. Study after study has proven it.
I get people want a reason, and explanation, but it isn’t the vaccines. Autism is something I do not begin to know a lot about, or pretend to know a lot about. But I know that blaming vaccines for autism is not the right thing. And by doing it, by saying “I’m going to risk my childs life, so they don’t become autistic” sounds awful. Awful to me, and awful to the autistic community. The autistic community has been outspoken against this for a long time. It makes them feel like they are somehow less than people, better off dead. Which I’m sure people will say ‘No, that’s not what I mean!’ but that’s what you’re saying. And frankly, that just makes people who say such stupid shit, well, stupid and evil. Autism isn’t something to be ashamed of, it doesn’t make anyone less of anything. I’d rather have autistic children then dead children any day. But, then again, I’m pretty sure I’m not stupid. Also, I have a heart, so..yeah..

And finally, people say “Oh, these diseases were around before vaccines and the world was fine!” Our parents and our grandparents lined up to get the vaccines. Why? Because they saw first hand the devastation of these diseases. Babies and children dying, or being left blind, deaf, deformed, or otherwise disabled. Especially among poor families, these children were often burdens, unable to contribute to the familial workforce. They saw grieving mothers, who had 7 babies, but only 3 children.

In 1980, before wide spread immunizations, measles were the cause of 2.6 million deaths per year. 2.6 million. That number is astounding!

And now, we have these high numbers of people opting out of the vaccines, and deaths from Pertussis and measles and chicken pox are back on the rise. Complications are back in force, children in the hospital with pneumonia from measles or pertussis, blind or deaf, due to complications from these viruses.

This is an easy fix, folks. Fucking vaccinate your kids! Stay up to date on your vaccines! And I don’t want to hear “My choice!”

No, its not! Vaccinating, or not, is a community issue. When people choose not to vaccinate, they weaken the herd immunity protecting those with immune deficiencies, like cancer or HIV, kids who are actually allergic to the vaccines, kids with heart disease, elderly and adult patients that are immune-compromised, or kids like my daughter. My daughter is fully vaccinated. But her immune system is broken. So, the vaccines prevent her from getting really bad symptoms of these diseases, but she does not have the antibodies to fight them off completely. She relies on those around her to keep these diseases at bay.
Infants under 12 months rely on those around them to keep these diseases at bay.

Your choice ends when it endangers society. Not vaccinating your children endangers society. There is no way that not vaccinating only puts you and your children alone at risk.

I hope that someone reads this and learns something. That they look at my sources, and read the information there. That I can prevent once child being harmed behind inaccurate and dangerous beliefs.

My personal opinion is that children belonging to those who do not vaccinate should be removed as soon as the parents refuse to comply. My personal opinion is that people who CHOOSE not to vaccinate should be held punitively responsible for any person, child or baby they infect, they disable or they kill.
This is not rocket science, this isn’t a liberal conspiracy to poison the kids. This is to keep our children, and our children’s children safe from diseases that we can eradicate!

Nobody has the right to harm, disable, make sick or kill other peoples children behind any form of ignorant belief. Whether it is religious or otherwise. And that’s what happens when you don’t vaccinate.
Don’t be fucking morons. Vaccinate your kids. For your children’s sake, for your parent’s sake, for your neighbor’s sake, for that little kid down the street fighting cancer’s sake, fucking vaccinate your kids!


A decision

When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I have a personal blog already. But that is just that, personal. Kind of like an online, anonymous diary. But, I love writing, and there are things that I want to write about that aren’t necessarily personal.
So I created Where Ever My Mind Wanders. And I left it. I made an introductory post and walked away. Letting my mind wander as I decided a focus…or a lack there of.

I thought through the many options one has with a blog. An open arena to write about what they want to? Hell fuck yeah! But, the blogging universe is HUGE! There are more blogs than people, I think. This is me being facetious but I’m not sure that it’s far from inaccurate. I imagine people, like me, have more than one blog.
Originally I thought maybe this blog could be where I write my stories. My imagination is wild. I dream in vivid colors and ongoing plots. I write them down, but I don’t always. Frankly, I just get so busy doing something else I forget to write down my dreams.

Something else. This is sort of what led me to the decision on the content of my blog. This and one other thing I’ll explain after I explain what I do…in my spare time.

So what is it I do in my spare time?
I call people morons on Facebook. I try to, in a limited space, make people think about things. Things like women’s rights, politics, racism, the poor, the gay or transgender experience, babies, circumcision and religion. I have very strong opinions and I share them, on Facebook, under my own name. Which has become an issue of safety to my family. I get a lot of threats, which in the end further my point, but they threaten me. Threaten my family.
I take very seriously the state of our country. The erosion of the middle class and our basic human rights stand out at me, waving me down and begging for help.
And people do not like it.

So, my aunt, in her loving wisdom, told me I should make a blog. Then a light went off in my head and I remembered that I had this space, sitting empty, unused. HAH! And done!

So, I will use this place to share my opinions. To talk about social and political issues that mean something to me.

Now, here’s the kicker. This is –my- space, and these are –my- opinions. I do not expect anyone to agree with them. I do, however, expect people to remember that I’m a person here. I’m a mother, a wife, a friend, a niece, a living breathing person with real feelings. If that fails, and there is any form of harassment or cyber-bullying, I’ll just have to ban someone and make reports to the police. Disagree with me? Fine. Threaten me? No. Call me names? No. When you disagree with your mother, wife, son, daughter, priest, do you call them names and threaten them? No? Then don’t think its okay to do it here.

So, with all that said. Welcome to wherever my mind wanders. …

Things you’ll find:
I’m a Socialist – and proud of it
I’m Liberal – and proud of it
I think that the human race should care for eachother and this earth
I am pro-vaccine
I am pro- choice
I am anti – idiot
I am pro- gun control
I am pro- veterans care
I think religion has no room in the legal system or the politics of our coutry
I am anti hypocrisy
If these things are going to offend you, to the point you feel that you have to threaten me, walk away now.

Otherwise, welcome! Stay tuned! I’ll be writing about the Measles outbreak here in the US and the morons that caused it sometime this weekend.