A decision

When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I have a personal blog already. But that is just that, personal. Kind of like an online, anonymous diary. But, I love writing, and there are things that I want to write about that aren’t necessarily personal.
So I created Where Ever My Mind Wanders. And I left it. I made an introductory post and walked away. Letting my mind wander as I decided a focus…or a lack there of.

I thought through the many options one has with a blog. An open arena to write about what they want to? Hell fuck yeah! But, the blogging universe is HUGE! There are more blogs than people, I think. This is me being facetious but I’m not sure that it’s far from inaccurate. I imagine people, like me, have more than one blog.
Originally I thought maybe this blog could be where I write my stories. My imagination is wild. I dream in vivid colors and ongoing plots. I write them down, but I don’t always. Frankly, I just get so busy doing something else I forget to write down my dreams.

Something else. This is sort of what led me to the decision on the content of my blog. This and one other thing I’ll explain after I explain what I do…in my spare time.

So what is it I do in my spare time?
I call people morons on Facebook. I try to, in a limited space, make people think about things. Things like women’s rights, politics, racism, the poor, the gay or transgender experience, babies, circumcision and religion. I have very strong opinions and I share them, on Facebook, under my own name. Which has become an issue of safety to my family. I get a lot of threats, which in the end further my point, but they threaten me. Threaten my family.
I take very seriously the state of our country. The erosion of the middle class and our basic human rights stand out at me, waving me down and begging for help.
And people do not like it.

So, my aunt, in her loving wisdom, told me I should make a blog. Then a light went off in my head and I remembered that I had this space, sitting empty, unused. HAH! And done!

So, I will use this place to share my opinions. To talk about social and political issues that mean something to me.

Now, here’s the kicker. This is –my- space, and these are –my- opinions. I do not expect anyone to agree with them. I do, however, expect people to remember that I’m a person here. I’m a mother, a wife, a friend, a niece, a living breathing person with real feelings. If that fails, and there is any form of harassment or cyber-bullying, I’ll just have to ban someone and make reports to the police. Disagree with me? Fine. Threaten me? No. Call me names? No. When you disagree with your mother, wife, son, daughter, priest, do you call them names and threaten them? No? Then don’t think its okay to do it here.

So, with all that said. Welcome to wherever my mind wanders. …

Things you’ll find:
I’m a Socialist – and proud of it
I’m Liberal – and proud of it
I think that the human race should care for eachother and this earth
I am pro-vaccine
I am pro- choice
I am anti – idiot
I am pro- gun control
I am pro- veterans care
I think religion has no room in the legal system or the politics of our coutry
I am anti hypocrisy
If these things are going to offend you, to the point you feel that you have to threaten me, walk away now.

Otherwise, welcome! Stay tuned! I’ll be writing about the Measles outbreak here in the US and the morons that caused it sometime this weekend.


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