Vaccinate Your Children

There is currently a lot going around about the measles outbreak starting in Disneyland. So far, in January of 2015, there are 102 confirmed cases of measles in 14 states. Over 90 of them have been linked back to the park. A number of those cases are infants. This number does not include the list of infants, immune-compromised and elderly asked to quarantine because they have been exposed to the disease.

Last year the US saw 644 cases out of 47 states.

In 2013, 159 cases.

In 2000, the CDC considered measles eliminated in the United States. By eliminated they mean that there was a break in continuous transmission of the virus.
Measles is still prevalent in much of the world. Most outbreaks, except this newest one, come from other countries. In 2011, France, in 2014, the Philippines. The issue is the virulence of the virus. It is extremely contagious, and lives 2 hours in the air after an infected person has passed through. This means that a person at the airport could have the virus, and anyone passing within an area he sneezed, coughed or even spit in, is at risk.

In the 2013 outbreak, 77% of the cases were eligible for vaccination, but were on record as being against Parental Belief.

In California alone, 10% of kindergarteners start without being vaccinated. 2.5% of those are PBE(Parental Belief Exempt). These people are found in wealthy, white areas and tend to flock together. Stupid is as stupid does – personal opinion, I know, and I’ll get to that. But, anyway. These kinds of numbers are reflected across the country. Wealthy, Upper middle class and middle class white families opting out of vaccines. I know that Fox News likes to claim that these diseases are spread by immigrants. The truth is, these diseases find footholds in middle class neighborhoods, where white families are refusing to vaccinate, or vaccinating on staggered schedule. White People!

Why? Their reasons are as stupid as they are. Jenny McCarthy said they cause autism! A doctor Wakefield in 1998 released a (fraudulent) study that the MMR vaccine and Autism were linked! Google said so! OH BIG PHARMA IS JUST AFTER POISONING OUR CHILDREN AND MAKING MONEY!

Let me start at the obvious few things. Google, while a wonderful tool that allowed me to compromise this Blog tonight, does not a doctor make anyone. Jenny McCarthy isn’t a doctor, either. She’s a former porn star. Not MD. Not PHD. Porn star. People have doctors. Pediatricians who say “Vaccinate, its okay!” but they refuse to listen to them. Because Google>Doctor…(Stupid)

Big Pharma and the money making machine? No. The vaccines that our children receive are pretty cheap. According to the CDC website(which is a wonderful source of information, put together by actual doctors and scientists) the private sector price of the MMR vaccine is about $60.00 for 10 doses. That is $6.00 a dose, for those who have a hard time with math. Pretty sure that ‘big pharma’ isn’t getting rich off of our children. Gleevec, a drug to treat various forms of cancer in adults, runs about $14,000.00 for a 30 day supply. Hmm…

The poison? Thermisol is everyones big fear. In 2001, the FDA mandated that Thermisol be removed or reduced in every vaccine mandated for children under 6, except the flu vaccine…which I’m not talking about here. Though people are awfully stupid about it, too.

And finally, the Doctor. Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He claimed a link between Autism and the MMR vaccine in 1998. Since then, he has been proven to have falsified his findings, often lying outright. His paper has been retracted, and his studies properly re-done. And he’s been held legally and financially responsible. He lied, folks.


Though, I get why people think there might be. Kids with Autism tend to start showing signs right around 12 months old. Around the time they get their first dose of MMR. A terrible coincidence, but a coincidence none the less. Study after study has proven it.
I get people want a reason, and explanation, but it isn’t the vaccines. Autism is something I do not begin to know a lot about, or pretend to know a lot about. But I know that blaming vaccines for autism is not the right thing. And by doing it, by saying “I’m going to risk my childs life, so they don’t become autistic” sounds awful. Awful to me, and awful to the autistic community. The autistic community has been outspoken against this for a long time. It makes them feel like they are somehow less than people, better off dead. Which I’m sure people will say ‘No, that’s not what I mean!’ but that’s what you’re saying. And frankly, that just makes people who say such stupid shit, well, stupid and evil. Autism isn’t something to be ashamed of, it doesn’t make anyone less of anything. I’d rather have autistic children then dead children any day. But, then again, I’m pretty sure I’m not stupid. Also, I have a heart, so..yeah..

And finally, people say “Oh, these diseases were around before vaccines and the world was fine!” Our parents and our grandparents lined up to get the vaccines. Why? Because they saw first hand the devastation of these diseases. Babies and children dying, or being left blind, deaf, deformed, or otherwise disabled. Especially among poor families, these children were often burdens, unable to contribute to the familial workforce. They saw grieving mothers, who had 7 babies, but only 3 children.

In 1980, before wide spread immunizations, measles were the cause of 2.6 million deaths per year. 2.6 million. That number is astounding!

And now, we have these high numbers of people opting out of the vaccines, and deaths from Pertussis and measles and chicken pox are back on the rise. Complications are back in force, children in the hospital with pneumonia from measles or pertussis, blind or deaf, due to complications from these viruses.

This is an easy fix, folks. Fucking vaccinate your kids! Stay up to date on your vaccines! And I don’t want to hear “My choice!”

No, its not! Vaccinating, or not, is a community issue. When people choose not to vaccinate, they weaken the herd immunity protecting those with immune deficiencies, like cancer or HIV, kids who are actually allergic to the vaccines, kids with heart disease, elderly and adult patients that are immune-compromised, or kids like my daughter. My daughter is fully vaccinated. But her immune system is broken. So, the vaccines prevent her from getting really bad symptoms of these diseases, but she does not have the antibodies to fight them off completely. She relies on those around her to keep these diseases at bay.
Infants under 12 months rely on those around them to keep these diseases at bay.

Your choice ends when it endangers society. Not vaccinating your children endangers society. There is no way that not vaccinating only puts you and your children alone at risk.

I hope that someone reads this and learns something. That they look at my sources, and read the information there. That I can prevent once child being harmed behind inaccurate and dangerous beliefs.

My personal opinion is that children belonging to those who do not vaccinate should be removed as soon as the parents refuse to comply. My personal opinion is that people who CHOOSE not to vaccinate should be held punitively responsible for any person, child or baby they infect, they disable or they kill.
This is not rocket science, this isn’t a liberal conspiracy to poison the kids. This is to keep our children, and our children’s children safe from diseases that we can eradicate!

Nobody has the right to harm, disable, make sick or kill other peoples children behind any form of ignorant belief. Whether it is religious or otherwise. And that’s what happens when you don’t vaccinate.
Don’t be fucking morons. Vaccinate your kids. For your children’s sake, for your parent’s sake, for your neighbor’s sake, for that little kid down the street fighting cancer’s sake, fucking vaccinate your kids!



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