Opinions are like assholes..more on Vaccines

Vaccines and Personal Choice

So, this is a follow up to my post about vaccinating ones children. This isn’t rocket science, this is something that needs to happen.

Since then I’ve come across some very (stupid) arguments that I feel like I need to address. Well, okay, I don’t –need- to, but I want to and I’m going to!
The first is that to vaccinate is an ‘opinion’. That’s right. Science is an opinion. This, to me, is as stupid as ‘Climate change being real is a matter of opinion’. Or, ‘Viruses can be treated with antibiotics.’

No. Just. No.

Opinion: noun
opin•ion \ə-ˈpin-yən\
: a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they’re shitty, more often than not.

Climate change and vaccines are SCIENCE. Say it with me “Science”! They are as proven and obvious as the sun rising, or the changing of the tide. They are, whether you like it or not.

The difference between science and opinion is in the proof. When something is proven scientifically, it is proven with studies, experiments, and repeated. An opinion is a feeling. Something someone has when they think they know about something.

Things its okay to have opinions about:
Feeling things.

Things opinions don’t matter to:

Science has proven that vaccines work. I’ve done an entire post about that. You should read it. Opinions have made it so diseases that once were controlled have now returned in force. Because Porn stars are greater than Doctors.

That being said, its morphed into “My body, My children, My choice” and the argument that vaccines are like abortions.

Um. No.

First of all, the ability to have an abortion, or actually having an abortion, isn’t a community issue. Pretty sure that if, say, I was to have an abortion, my entire neighborhood isn’t going to have one, too. They’re not going to the clinic; they’re not making this decision. They’re not bleeding or cramping afterward. They –MAY- have an opinion about it(like assholes) but really, it doesn’t really affect them.

Vaccines, however, are a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE! Say I weren’t to vaccinate. Okay. “My kids, my choice!” So, I didn’t vaccinate and I take my kids to a public park. Someone in the park has been exposed to measles. Now, my kid has been exposed to measles. Now, I take my kid home. To my neighborhood. My kid goes next door to play with the neighbor’s kid. Neighbors kid had vaccines, but has a weak immune system so kid is now infected, too. Also, the areas my kid has been in, infected. The areas that the kid that originated the virus has been in, infected. So, now these kids are infecting left and right because they don’t know they’re sick, measles has a 7-12 day incubation period. For 7 days, these kids move around infecting stores, schools, parks, libraries, homes, hospitals, airports…Kids with cancer get it, adults with cancer get it. It goes on and on and on.

Your right to choice only applies when your choice doesn’t interfere, harm or otherwise impact someone else’s life. In the case of vaccines, the choice not to vaccinate harms entire communities.
And no, you don’t have the right to endanger anyone else behind your OPINION.

So. If you don’t want to vaccinate (because you’re a selfish, inconsiderate moron), then keep you and your family out of the public. No McDonalds, Parks, Libraries, Stores, School. Stay the fuck home.


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