I said a few weeks ago that I’d be writing about choice as my next piece. Then, I got sick. So very, very sick. But, it did not leave my mind and I’ve been stewing about it for the entire time. Thinking about what I would say, about why its so important to me. I think it should be important to every woman. Wish in one hand, right?

So, let me start what by explaining what I mean about choice.

Choice is a woman’s right to CHOOSE what to do with a pregnancy. Abortion, Adoption, Keeping it. Now, most people don’t have an issue when talking about the latter 2 choices, adoption and keeping the baby. The issue comes with abortion. The problem, in my mind, is that people are generally assumptive and ignorant about the facts regarding abortion. Most ‘Pro-Lifers’ think that EVERY abortion is the same- The murder of an unwanted baby. This is far from the truth, but rather than do the research to verify anything they claim, they harass, they hurt, they’ve killed and call it ‘Pro-Life’.
They are not ‘Pro-Life’. I will not give them the satisfaction of calling them that. There have been assassinations and bombings of women’s clinics, which resulted in the deaths and injuries to people. This is not a ‘Pro-life’ action. They’re usually for the death penalty, and yell for the deaths of millions of Muslims and immigrants. This is not ‘Pro-life’. They are against public services, like healthcare, food and cash assistance, education for the poor. This is not ‘Pro-life’. No, they are not ‘Pro-life’, they are Pro Birth and that’s how I will call them. They care only about the birth of a baby, not the care of said baby. They do not care about the manner of the baby born. If the mother is a baby herself, if the mother was raped or the baby is a product of incest. They do not care if the baby is wanted. They do not even care if the pregnancy is viable. They demand that every baby be born.
Now, I imagine one is curious why I am talking about choice. Didn’t Roe V. Wade guarantee a woman’s right to abortion?
Well… Yea..but no. In many states, over the last few years, there has been much legislation passed to restrict a woman’s right and access to safe abortions. From making a woman endure vaginal ultrasounds, to counseling, to strict and almost impossible ‘standards’ for a practice to perform abortions. It is only February of 2015 and already there are 18 congressional bills regarding abortion. 18, on a federal level, to restrict a woman’s right to choice.
They’re basically saying that a woman has no right to decide what happens to her body. In the case of rape, she’d have to prove it. In the case of incest, she’d have to prove it. There’s a bill on the table that would force a woman to ask the ‘father’ to agree to the abortion before she could have it. Seriously? What if the father was her rapist? What if the father was her father? What if the father is abusive? This is just another tool to control her. Who’s to guarantee that the father will care for his child after the birth? So, she has to ask permission, carry this child to term and have no guarantee that the father will support his child? And then what about the reverse? What if she wants the baby, does a father then have the right to force an abortion? This bill is a slap in the face to any intelligent woman. And low for even Pro-birthers.

On a personal note, after much searching and research, the idea of blocking a woman’s right to choose is so horrible. It shouldn’t be allowed. First, on the basis that what happens medically to anyone is private. Why is abortion different? This isn’t a public health issue. One woman getting a SAFE abortion doesn’t cause a case of miscarriages across the county. Its only a public health issue when safe abortions aren’t accessible and women resort to dangerous and deadly ways to complete the act. Back alley, wire hangers, boiling water and a baster.
Second, its not anyone’s business. Why does the government and the public have a say so in what happens in a woman’s vagina? A vagina is not a public place. Its not public property. Its usually shamed by the same people that wanna regulate it. It just doesn’t make sense. And before anyone throws out “but Jesus”…Abortion is discussed in the bible. In Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28, God causes the abortion of a baby. God also considers babies people after 1month old. So, yeah. That can be shoved right back where it came from, the delusions of the self righteous.
Third, what kind of horror is it to make a woman who’s been raped, a little girl who is pregnant by a family member, have the baby resulted from said horrible act? What kind of person insists an 8 year old carry her father’s baby to term? I can’t even imagine the sick mind that comes up with this.
Fourth, and lastly, abortion for mercy. This is the second biggest reason I’m for choice. I’ve had 12 miscarriages. Luckily, they were early and I was able to do them naturally. But its not always the case. Some women find out at 22 weeks that their baby has no heartbeat. They then need to have a second trimester abortion. The bulk of 2nd term abortions come from medical necessity and mercy. From about 16- 22 weeks, there are many tests done on the fetus. This is a huge learning time in a pregnancy. You find out sex…and possible disabilities and issues. Or you find out for certain. Babies with no brain. Babies with no heart. Babies with disabilities so bad that they would die within the first day of life and that day would be spent in agonizing pain that you can do nothing about. Babies with no chance of quality of life. Babies that are already dead. These bills would force these women to carry their dead fetuses, their condemned fetuses to birth and force them to suffer as the babies suffer. Its cruel. These bills are cruel.

I’m not asking for anyone to change their PERSONAL view. If YOU wouldn’t PERSONALLY get an abortion, that’s fine. But think about my daughter. Think about your daughter! What if the horrible happens to her and she is raped and it results in a pregnancy? What if she finds out at 17 weeks her baby would not survive birth? You would make her suffer? Just because YOU wouldn’t get an abortion, doesn’t mean that you should have the right to stop someone else, judge someone else. You do not know their situation. And you’re more than likely not willing to help.

I’ve heard more than once “I’m pro-life, don’t get abortions! There’s help for you!” and then when the baby is born and that mom asks for help, “You should have kept your legs closed. Your baby is your problem, not the worlds.” from the same mouth that condemned her for thinking about getting an abortion.

This isn’t hard. Just live your life and mind your own business. But as long as pro-birthers are fighting to restrict a woman’s right to choice, I will continue to fight, to speak, to rally. Because my daughter deserves it. Because all of our daughter’s deserve it. I stand with those that fought before, and those that will fight in the future.


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